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Changes to Competition Research in Terapeak

To safeguard privacy as e-commerce evolves, Terapeak and eBay have agreed that our users’ eBay seller IDs should no longer be exposed in Terapeak search results.

For this reason, you’ll soon see the following changes in your Terapeak account:

  • New Uses for the Top Sellers View. To protect the identity of sellers, Terapeak will be implementing changes to the Top Sellers View in Product Research. Starting in January, the Top Sellers View will contain detail about the competitive landscape for the product you are researching. From this data you will still be able to grasp the volume and marketshare top-sellers control.

  • Hidden Seller IDs in Search Results. While you’ll still be able to find the number of competing sellers for a product and see these sellers ranked by sales volume and other activity, actual seller IDs will no longer be revealed in search results.

  • The Retirement of Saved Searches using Seller IDs. Because seller IDs will no longer be available for search queries or in search results, saved searches that rely on them will be automatically be retired. While we realize that these changes may impact workflows for some sellers, we are committed to ensuring the privacy and safety of our users in today’s increasingly complex online world.

How to Study Your Competition After the Change

After the change, to study the competition for any product using Terapeak, follow these steps:

  1. Start Product Research.

  2. Search for the product you're selling and want to study.

  3. In the Views bar, click on the icon that looks like a person to show the Top Sellers view.

We realize that you're busy and want simple details, so here are the key points to remember:

  • These changes will occur during the first week of January. They will happen automatically.

  • You will still be able to study the competitive landscape for any product, including its top sellers and their metrics, using the steps outlined above.

  • After the change takes effect, when you select "Competitor Research" in our menu, you'll see a message that provides this information to you once again. You'll then be redirected to the updated location for competitive research.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is Terapeak making this change?

Privacy and safety risks in the online world are increasing. Terapeak's tool is being changed to protect eBay Seller IDs, since they are personally identifying information. This change is intended to safeguard the security of Terapeak and eBay users.

Q. After the change, will I still be able to see and study the competition for products that I sell?

Yes. Follow the steps outlined above to see a ranked list of the top sellers for any product, along with statistics about their sales performance.

Q. After the change, will I be able to search for a particular seller by eBay Seller ID?

No. This change is intended to protect the privacy of Terapeak users and eBay sellers. For this reason, it is no longer possible to search for a particular seller by eBay Seller ID.

Q. Four steps is too many! Isn't there a faster way?

Yes. Once you have selected the Top Sellers view as outlined above, it will remain the default view until you change it again. When researching the competition for several products, you only need to perform the steps above once. Afterward, each time you search for a product, competition data will be shown first—until you select another view.

Q. How do I see which products a particular eBay seller is currently selling?

You can still use eBay's Advanced Search tool to search for particular sellers by eBay Seller ID, and to see the products that they are currently offering on eBay. You can research any of these products using the steps outlined above to study the competitive landscape for them.

Q. I used the old competitor research tool to find ideas for new products in my favorite sales categories. How do I find new ideas if I can't search for competitors by ID to see what they're selling?

Use the Category Research tool. Start Category Research, then browse to the most specific category representing a product that you sell. Then, locate the Views bar and switch to the Best Selling Titles view to see a sortable list of the top products being sold in that category.

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