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Boolean & Search Syntax commands in Research 2.0


In Research 2.0 two different wildcard search commands are available.

"*" matches any number of characters 

example: "can*" = candle, canteen, canned, cannot

Note: these wildcard searches need to follow at least 3 characters. So ca* would be rejected, but can* would be allowed. 


"OR","||" to select one keyword or another instead of requiring both to be contained in the search results. 

This command can be combined with brackets to combine conditions. example: quick OR brown OR fox= titles containing any of those keywords.
example: quick|| brown|| fox= "Brown fox fur lined shoe" 
example: quick OR brown OR fox= "quick oats"

example: "red Nike (shoe OR shirt)"= "Red Nike shoe size 6" or "red Nike shirt long sleeved"
In the above example, red and Nike must be present in the search result but shoe and shirt are interchangeable.  

Exclude a keyword

"-" exclude specific keywords and make sure the matching titles do NOT contain these words

example: black baseball -hat -bat= "rare black baseball gold accents"
In the above example, the keywords returned will never contain the keywords hat or bat. 

Note: each keyword must be preceded by a minus for it to be removed from the search. ie. "-rabbit -turtle -cat"

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