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Why does the data differ in Product Research and Product Research 2.0

While we always try to ensure data matches up exactly, sometimes the way pricing and listing data is stored can affect the way it is later displayed. Terapeak 2.0 is accessing a different database and may have additional information not previously available to us. For example, Terapeak has increased the number of sites available on Research 2.0 so searching for "All Sites" will return a different batch of data than what is available in Research 1.0.  

Additionally, if you are using a currency other than USD please be aware that Terapeak converts the transaction price using the closing FOREX rates from the previous day. This may mean that currency fluctuations over time may move the pricing off by a few cents. For example, if you are researching an item from December 2016, that transaction was converted into USD at the time of sale and stored in our databases. Then, when you search for it today, we will convert it into your preferred currency based upon the previous day's rates. 

If you believe there are items missing, or items that are being displayed incorrectly, please contact our support team by submitting a ticket at the bottom of this page. 


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