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How can I use Product Research 2.0?

Product Research 2.0 has been designed with previous search workflows in mind. Much like our original Product Research, users can type in their keywords, choose an eBay site, and hit search returning all transactions for that item. 

This being said, there are a few modifications that have been made that allow users better control over their searches. 

Advanced Filters

  1. Users are now able to search by MPN, UPC, EPID, EAN, ISBN, or model.
    To enable this feature select "Search Product Identifiers Only" or "Search titles and product identifiers" before entering the Identifier into the search bar. 
  2. Each listing specification now has a breakdown showing how many listings belong to each filter category. 
    This will help users quickly determine what percentage of listings are fixed priced, auction, new, used, etc. 
  3. We've added "Best Offer Accepted" as one of the filtering options at our users' request. Our customers let us know that the Best offer function helps determine what customers are willing to pay for an item when it's not selling for the requested amount. This helps collectors determine their customer's perceived value of their item. 
  4. Better location filters will help users see what's selling and from where. Each of these filters contain breakdowns of how many listings were sold in each country, again offering sellers an easier way to determine who is selling the items and from where. 
    This is especially useful for determining if your competition comes from within your country or outside of your country. Knowing you have a competitive edge by being in the same geographical location as your buyers can help determine shipping costs. 


Aggregated Statistics



  1. Items Sold
    Total number of sold items matching your search
  2. Average Price
    Average sale price for items matching your search
  3. Shipping Average/Free %
    Average shipping price for listings that charged for shipping / Percentage of listings that offered free shipping.
  4. Total Sales
    Total sales value of transactions that matched your search


Group By Listing



In Product Research 2.0 you're able to group all listings by item ID within seconds. Terapeak's algorithm scans for items with the same item ID over the selected time period putting them together so you can see the top performing listings with ease. 

Once you've identified the top performing listing you can see other key metrics like:

  • Format
  • Average item price
  • Items sold
  • Total Sales
  • Average Shipping cost

Sortable Metrics

Users are also able to sort by all of the metrics listed at the top. This can help you quickly look for items with the highest number of sales, highest or lowest average item price, items with low or free shipping and more. 

Click the column title once to sort from high-to-low, twice to sort from low-to-high. 

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