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Chapter 5- Packaging Guide

According to Shipwire, a popular fulfillment warehouse, your products and packaging should be able to pass a 4-foot drop test onto a hard surface without breakage. Doing this test on your packaging ensures that your products will be able to withstand typical impacts during shipping.

The 4-foot drop test consists of dropping your package at five different angles:

  • Landing flat on base
  • Landing flat on top
  • Landing flat on longest side
  • Landing flat on shortest side
  • Landing on a corner

In addition to the drop test, your products and packaging should be able to withstand a full minute of vigorous shaking without any contents breaking.

To save on packaging costs you can order shipping supplies in bulk from large carriers, using them as needed while you run your business. 

It's strongly discouraged to re-use packing equipment. Your packaging is the first impression of your item, so it's important it gives the impression that you are a professional. 

If you're looking to align your items with the company brand, many e-commerce retailers offer branded shipping supplies. You can also get personally branded shipping supplies, or tape your logo to the outside of your box for further brand recognition, and hopefully, repeat business. 

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