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How can I delete a Saved Search or Value Track item?

If you're receiving emails from Terapeak with revenue updates on a certain product or seller you most likely have a Saved Search or Value Track item set up.

Here's how to stop these messages. 

  1. Login to Terapeak. 
  2. Go to Saved Searches under the "Research" tab
  3. If you have a saved search that is set to send you email updates there will be a blue bell under "alerts" 
  4. To turn off email alerts you can click the bell and set the alert to "never" or you can click the garbage can and delete the saved search altogether. 
  5. If you do not see any evidence of and alert under Saved Searches, click on the "Research" tab at the top again and this time select "Bulk Research"
  6. Bulk Research contains Value Track at the bottom of the page. Scroll down and look at the bar on the top right corner, this will indicate if alerts are on or off. 
  7. If it is set to a day of the week, that means an email is going to be sent on that day. Switch this option to "Never" or delete the Value Track item from this list by clicking the X in the far left column. 
  8. Done! If both of these sections are clear you should no longer receive emails from Terapeak.


If you are unable to access these sections because you no longer have a subscription to Terapeak, please submit a ticket to our help staff at the bottom of this page. They will  manually go in and delete this item for you. Alternatively, you can create a rule on your email client to add these emails to your junk mail folder automatically.

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