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Create an Effective Title for Your Listing

The title that you choose for an eBay listing has a large effect on:

  • How and whether Google will show your listing in search results
  • How and when eBay will show your listing to shoppers
  • Whether or not shoppers will choose to click on your listing in search results
  • Whether or not shoppers will ultimately purchase your item

For these reasons, it's important to create the best eBay listing title possible for your product. Use Terapeak's SEO tool to help you to create an effective listing title. Terapeak's SEO tool:

  • Shows you how effective potential listing titles are likely to be
  • Suggests new word for your listing title based on the words you've already included
  • Uses data from already-successful listings to make its suggestions
  • Shows you how each individual word changes the effectiveness of your title

Using the SEO Tool to Build a Listing Title

To use the SEO tool to create and optimize your listing title, follow these steps:

  1. Visit sell.terapeak.com and log in to Terapeak.

  2. Click SEO in the navigation bar at the top of the page to start the SEO tool.

  3. Enter two to three basic keywords, such as a product make and model, into the SEO box. Press space after each keyword (including the last one) that you type.

  4. Note the keyword suggestions that are displayed in blue and green, after a brief pause, below the SEO box. These are keywords that may be good additions for your title.*

  5. Click on blue or green keywords to add them to your title. Click on gray keywords to remove them from your title. Each time you click to add or remove a keyword, the list of suggestions is updated.

  6. As you add or remove keywords, note the data shown below your suggestions. This data is a rough guide to how your evolving title relates to competition levels and reasonable sale prices.

  7. Continue to add or remove keywords until you have created a title that is informative and accurate.

  8. When you're done, click on the copy button (which looks like two overlapping pages) just below the SEO box to copy your title to the clipboard.

  9. Paste this title into the title box on eBay's selling form as you list your item for sale.

* Blue keywords help your performance in eBay search. Green keywords help your performance in Google search. The availability of Google suggestions depends on the level of Terapeak service to which you've subscribed.



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