How To: Find your first item to sell on eBay

If you are a new seller the first thing you are probably wondering is “What should I sell?” Unless you are one of the rare people with a barn full of trinkets ready for market It’ll take a little bit of creativity and research to find out what you will be featuring on your eBay store.

Qualities of a good sourcing option:

  1. Lots of description words (4-5).
    If it’s hard to describe verbally you’ll have just as hard of a time marketing online.
  2. Easy to package.
    If it’s easy to ship it’ll arrive in good condition
  3. Lightweight.
    Heavy items can get quite expensive and you don’t want to limit buyers to just domestic traffic.
  4. If the item is in really glossy packaging and very reflective it will be hard to photograph.
    Find something easy to photograph.


“It’s My First time on eBay, What Should I Sell?”

The reality of being a new seller is that you haven’t built up a reputation on eBay yet. To start, you want to focus on making a lot of sales and getting a lot of positive feedback. Keeping this in mind it is probably best to start selling cheaper items that you can ship with ease. This will raise your seller score and reputation as a reliable seller and give you an understanding of how the process works before you risk selling expensive items.

They say that new sellers should just find things you have laying around the house that you would like to sell and start there. Take a look through your closet or basement and find books, jewelry, clothing, and other household items that you would consider selling in a garage sale then list them on eBay. 

“I Found My Item. What is it worth?”

This is where you can get started on Terapeak. Once you have found a few items you are willing to list, head over to find products by clicking “Find” in the user menu at the top of the page, and check out the listings that are already on eBay for that item. Then, use the average price of the top selling item to find your initial price point.

Find Products is a great place for new sellers to start because of its simple design. If you decide that you want more information than what is offered under “Find Products” then click on “Research” in the user menu and select “Product Research”. This tool will also give you average pricing information and sales statistics along many other statistics. Though, for a brand new seller “Product Research” can be overwhelming so I would recommend getting your feet wet with “Find Products” first.


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