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How can I view more than 90 days of MySales data?

MySales access helps you brainstorm product sourcing ideas, monitor your sales and traffic to determine the effectiveness of your active eBay and Amazon listings. MySales free offers 90 days of revenue data.

MySales Pro allows users to link multiple channels and unlocks up to two years of revenue data.

To unlock more than 90 days of MySales revenue data you need to upgrade to MySales Pro for the Channel (eBay or Amazon) you are interested in.


You can add MySales Pro for eBay or Amazon to your account under “Subscription Management


Once you have signed up for MySales Pro for the channel you prefer, you will begin to accumulate revenue data for your channel day-by-day. Your MySales Pro account can accumulate up to two years of seller history for eBay or Amazon seller accounts.


If you have any questions about your seller dashboard, “Submit a Ticket” below to receive assistance from one of our help staff.


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