eBay has acquired Terapeak.

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Terapeak offers industry-leading services to suit the research and analytics needs of a variety of sellers. These include services that providing eBay sales analytics, eBay marketplace research, and search optimization for listings.

Is a free option available?

Yes. Terapeak's MySales service is free to sellers and provides powerful, automated multi-account sales and performance analytics, as well as basic search engine optimization.  

What paid services does Terapeak offer, and what do they cost?

Our current subscription-based services include:

  • Research — Up to three years of complete sales research for 22 global marketplaces, encompassing over $230 billion in online transactions, plus sales predictions and inventory ideas.  

  • SEO — Advanced, multi-marketplace, data-driven search engine optimization to drive your listings upward in eBay and Google search rankings.  

Current pricing for Terapeak products can be found on our products page.  

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