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How To: Study Trends in Your Category

Studying Category trends can let you know what is up-and-coming, what might be dying off, and what items are holding steady. Understanding the overall health of your category can help you understand dips or peaks in your personal eBay store, especially if your store is highly specialized. 

To study trends in your category, click on “Research” in the top navigation bar, then navigate to “Category Research”.

Once in Category Research you’ll see all of the different categories with coloured dots beside each leaf. The coloured dots represent the “hotness” of the category. There's a heat map at the top of the page for you to reference.

If you’d like to search an ebay marketplace other than eBay.com you can change it to the right of the search bar. Then, click the “eBay.com” button below the search bar to switch it to the marketplace selected.

Once you’re in the correct marketplace you can begin searching for your category. I’m going to select comics for this example. Because “Comics” is a high level category, we must dig in to a lower level category to see data. Terapeak can only show low-level category data because of our data-licence agreement with eBay.

I’m going to select “Modern Age”.

Once in the Modern Age we are able to see seperate listings for this category.

If we navigate to the graph view we are able to see how this category has been performing over up to 730 days in the past. The graph view in Category Research is the only place in Terapeak where users can see more than 365 days of data. The graphs shown can be sorted by several different metrics: Total Sales, Total Listings, Total Sold Listings, Total Bids, Average End Price, Sell Through, and Bids Per Listing.

If you sell in a specific category and your sales have decreased or increased you can use this tool to investigate if this is the case for all sales in your category, or just for you.

Additionally, if you are thinking of selling in a niche category you are able to research the health of the category overall before entering into the market.

Do you see a category you’re interested in, but you’re not sure what exactly you’d like to sell in that category?

You can also use the “Best Selling Titles in the Category You are Researching” view to investigate what is selling well in your category.

For example, take a look at the top selling items under Men’s watches. This view provides an aggregated listing view, combining all of the sales for the top watches so you know what is selling.

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