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How do I use the “Transactions" view on the Dashboard?

With the “Transactions" view you can search all of your listings from your linked Amazon or eBay seller accounts that have completed a sale within the time frame selected.

The transactions view can be sorted by seller account, marketplace, category, and date using the drop down menus above the dashboard. We have also provided a search bar in the top right corner so that you can now look up individual listings by their eBay or Amazon item ID, giving you access to more specific search capabilities within your own store. 

In addition to being able to search for specific listings, you are able to sort all of your listings by Average Price, Number of Items Sold, or Total Revenue amount by clicking the arrow beside each heading. 

Click once for low-to-high and twice for high-to-low.  

Finally, we have re-introduced pagination so you can easily get to the beginning, middle, and end of your listings.

If you have questions about the transactions view please contact our support team by submitting a ticket at the bottom of this page. 

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