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How can I limit my Product Research to a specific category?

Many times one item title can be found in many different categories, especially when it comes to brand names. So how can you limit your search so your results are specific to your needs? The key is to filter your Product Research with Category ID's from our Category Research section. 

Step 1: Finding Your Category ID

- Click on "Research" in the Terapeak header. 

- Select "Category Research"

- Search for your category using the search bar, or navigate through the categories to find the one you're looking for.

- Once you have clicked on your category look at the small search bar on the right hand side of the page. There you will see a number pre-filled. This number is the Category ID. Save this ID to use later in Product Research. 

**It is important to note that each of the different eBay sites have different category IDs. Make sure that you are researching the correct eBay site when you are in Category research or you will get "No Results Found" when you go over to Product Research.

Step 2: Product Research

- Click on Research at the top of the page again

- Select Product Research.

- In Product Research there is a section for Category ID on the right hand side below the date picker. After filling in your search preferences, enter the Category ID from the previous step where it says "Category ID".

- Click "Go"

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