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Where can I find the Listings View in Product Research?


You can change the way you view your Terapeak data by selecting different "Views" in our Product Research page. The "Views" bar is located just below the search bar and above the "Average Price" widget. The listings view is located second to the right and looks like a bulleted list. When you hover over it it says "Listings for the item you are researching".

This view is used to show users items from eBay that match their search query from within the allotted search period. In this view users can see "Item Title", if it has sold, the format, start price, end price, total bids, the end date, and a product thumbnail.  

This view allows users to sort listings by start price, end price, total bids, and end date. You can do this by clicking on the arrows to the right of each of the headings. Click once to sort from low to high, click again to sort from high to low. 

In this view the Listings themselves may take a while to load, especially with large queries. Please give them a minute to appear below the "Average Price", "Average Shipping", "Start Price", etc boxes.

If the listings are taking too long to appear consider narrowing your search either by using additional keywords, filters, or a shorter time span. Searching something like "iPhone 6" in a 90 day period will take a significantly higher amount of time to appear than "Flow Blue China" in a 30 day period. 



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