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Where can I find eBay marketplace research in Terapeak?

Terapeak has placed all of your favorite tools such as Hot Research, Product Research, Category Research, Saved Searches, and Bulk Research in one place for convenient access.

To get to these tools select “Research” from your Dashboard. This will lead you to a sub-menu where you can select the type of research you wish to conduct.

Below you can see each Research category and what you can do with them. You can also find several articles in our Help Centre that will go into more detail about each of these features.

Hot Research: The eBay Hot Research tool enables you to see the hottest products on eBay right now from a variety of key perspectives, to help identify new opportunities and emerging trends.

Product Research: The eBay Product Research tool is the core of Terapeak’s Research toolkit. It enables you to understand, with unprecedented depth, how a particular product or set of keywords is performing on eBay, including key data such as: number of items and listings for sale, sell-through rates and bid rates, average prices and shipping rates, common listing formats, selling trends, international sales rates and more.

Category Research: The eBay Category Research tool enables you to see how entire eBay product categories are performing overall and over time, as well as which categories are most commonly used by sellers to sell the items you're interested in.

Saved Searches: Set up alerts on searches that you have previously made.


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