eBay has acquired Terapeak.

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MySales is an analytics tool that helps you to monitor, understand, and improve your own sales activity.

What You Can Do with MySales

With MySales, you can:

  • Link each of your eBay and Shopify seller accounts to Terapeak
  • See average prices, unit volumes, and dollar volumes for your own sales
  • Chart your sales activity over time to visualize trends
  • Filter figures and charts to show your sales by marketplace, category, or date range
  • See which of your active listings are performing well, and which need improvement
  • Receive sales predictions for your active listings*
  • Benchmark the performance of your active listings against competing listings*

* Requires a subscription to Terapeak research tools.


How MySales is Different From Terapeak Research

MySales and Terapeak's research tools perform complementary functions for sellers.

  • MySales is for your activity. MySales offers tools for analyzing your own listings, sales activity, and sales performance and comparing these to the broader marketplace.

  • Terapeak research is for all sellers' activity. Terapeak's research tools analyze the listings, sales activity, and competition levels for top online marketplaces overall.

While Terapeak's research tools enable you to understand the market, your competition, and the performance of particular products with shoppers, MySales enables you to understand the performance of your own business.

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