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Chapter 9 - Lighting Conditions


A lighting booth is a rigid frame with semi-transparent paper or cloth covered windows, open on the side facing the photographer. The product is placed inside the booth and light sources are arranged around the sides and top. Light passing through the semi-transparent windows is diffused, allowing the object to be well lit without producing surface glare. The booth also provides a neutral background. Instructions for building a DIY light booth can be found here.


Most home and office settings have several types of lighting present in the same space. Sunlight, overhead florescent and incandescent bulbs all produce different color temperatures which confuses the color processing component in a digital camera and distorts the appearance of white and gray and subtle hues. The colors cannot easily be corrected once shot. It is better to capture the subject matter properly by shooting product photography in an enclosed room with more control over the lighting. Try using multiple lamps that share the same type of bulb. Certain brands offer daylight light bulb varieties which create less yellow tint than incandescent bulbs.


If you have to take the photo with a flash, try lowering the intensity of the flash (if such a setting is available).

Outdoor Shooting

When all else fails, take photos on a cloudy day. The amount of ambient indirect lighting on a cloudy day makes it easy to take great photos.

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