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Chapter 4 - eBay Photography Recommendations

  1. Use a plain uncluttered backdrop. Although the backdrops are usually white, dark colors are acceptable, and can be used to produce contrast against light colored objects.
  2. Use diffused lighting & disable the camera flash. Create or buy a light box to illuminate items from multiple directions.
  3. Use a tripod for sharper focus
  4. Situate the item so that it fills the frame
  5. Try to maintain accurate colors. Use the white balance setting to reduce tinting.
  6. Provide a reference to the size and scale of the item
  7. Take photos from multiple angles. Take close-ups with a macro setting to highlight product details.
  8. Avoid including props that confuse shoppers. Only items that are part of the sale should appear in the photo.
  9. Use high resolution images.
  10. Use a model or mannequin to show the fit for clothing.
  11. Show wear and condition issues in the photos. Do not hide or omit damage.
  12. Display the interior of the item being sold if possible.
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