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Chapter 2 - Types of eBay Images

EBay makes a direct correlation between high quality photography and sales conversion in help content. The Photo Center section of the eBay Seller Information Center states, "higher-quality photos increase the likelihood your item will sell by 5%". Other help content on the site states that shoppers are visually oriented.

Thumbnail Images

A small thumbnail photo is shown for each listing in the results for eBay's search engine. All new listings created on eBay currently require at least one photo. Thumbnail photos are a prominent visual element in the eBay search engine and influence click-through traffic.

Listing Pages

Additional photos are available in an image gallery on the listing advertisement. The image gallery contains one or more photos. These photos are presented in larger dimensions than the thumbnail found in the search results page. The listing advertisement has a built in zoom option that allows shoppers to see details of the item up-close (the level of detail is dependent on the resolution of the images). Sellers can upload close-up shots and shots taken from multiple angles to be shown in the photo gallery. Image gallery photos influence sales conversion, particularly in categories where condition is of concern.

Static photos and an image carousel of other listings available from the same seller can be embedded in the description field of the listing.

Other Image Content

Thumbnail images also appear on the My eBay page, promotion sections on the homepage, eBay Collections pages and in cross promotional image carousels on other listings.

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