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Chapter 5 – Keyword Strategy Guide Overview

Let's recap the main points of this guide:

The function of a listing title is to link shopper searches to relevant product listings through matching keywords. The listing title influences which searches your listings are included in.

Using keywords to raise overall traffic to your listing can be easy, but careful selection of title keywords can improve the quality of search traffic to your listing and improve the likelihood of a sale.

The most common issues impacting titles are:

  • Unused space in the title
  • Redundancy or repetition in the keywords
  • Misleading or poor keyword selections

Use Terapeak research to find keyword recommendations:

  • Browse through popular search data to align with the keywords used by your shoppers
  • Find inspiration in other active listing titles using the Title Builder
  • Compare the sales performance of title keywords to learn which terms convert best

Take all of these strategies and put them together to build the best possible title for your listing. Whether you want to boost traffic or change the type of audience browsing your listings, a better title is sure to help you make more sales.

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