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Chapter 4 - Improving an eBay Title

Here is a real world example of a title from an unsuccessful listing with plenty of potential for improvement:


Why does this title need improvement?

  • Only 68 out of 80 characters are used, leaving 12 characters blank
  • Only 41 out of 80 characters are being used to attract searches for the product 
  • The last four keywords attract unspecific shopper traffic, which may increase impressions but lower conversion to clicks and sales
  • The second keyword is redundant
  • The title uses all upper case letters which can have a negative psychological effect on shoppers.
  • Shoppers will decide for themselves whether the item represents a great deal or not.
  • Shoppers who search with “–reserve” in the search engine, would omit this listing from search results.

Lets use Terpeak SEO to re-build this title and see what we come up with:

NEW MICHAEL KORS Jet Set Leather Messenger Crossbody Bag BLACK Chain Strap Zip

What was improved?

  • 78/80 characters used
  • The keywords use regular lower case and capital letters
  • All of the keywords are used to attract searches for the product
  • Title contains more product feature details such as material, strap and closure
  • The title is more informative to shoppers and may improve conversion between impressions and clicks.
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