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Chapter 3 - eBay Title Qualities

  • Keywords should be separated by normal spacing. 
  • Listing titles should contain normal use of lower case and capital letters.
  • Avoid using unnecessary punctuation.
  • Placing high traffic keywords towards the front of the title may help emphasize high priority details.
  • Avoid using multiple synonyms. The eBay search engine compensates for synonyms automatically.
  • Synonyms may be treated equally in search results but they produce different mental associations, thus sales conversion differs by keyword. (Example: duvet, cover, quilt and blanket suggest different connotations of craftsmanship and expense). 
  • Avoid using intentional misspellings. The eBay search engine compensates for popular variations in spelling as well as differences between plural and singular forms of a keyword. Misspelled keywords in the title can appear unprofessional to shoppers.
  • Blank space cannot attract traffic, so unless you are confident that a shorter title represents a significant sales conversion advantage, it is recommended use all 80 characters (or as many as possible).
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