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What should I do if I find a technical issue?

If you run a search in Terapeak and the results are not what you expected, please review these tips before submitting a technical issue ticket:

  1. Double check your search criteria.  Did you search through the right marketplace and the right date range? Did you spell your search terms correctly?  Were any search filters used that would interfere with the results?  
  2. If your situation is related to search results, please locate at least one example of an active or completed eBay listing that confirms a discrepancy in the search results.  Copy the eBay item number and include it in your ticket.
  3. Copy the URL for your Terapeak search results and include it in your ticket.
  4. Describe how you produced the issue in step-by-step instructions and include them in your ticket.
  5. If your situation is related to an error message, please make note of the wording of the error message and include it in your ticket.

If you are sure your technical issue is reproducible, click on the "Submit a Ticket" button at the bottom of the page to contact the customer success team.

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