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How much data is available from Terapeak?

Marketplace Data

Research in Terapeak references 365 days of completed listing records and active sales transaction records as well as up to 3 years' worth of category sales trend data. Product searches in Product Research 2.0 can be situated at any point in the archive. Category trend reports display up to 2 years' worth of activity per chart. Other reporting views such as Hot Research are based on a range of 1-30 days of recent activity.

Terapeak provides marketplace research tools for the following eBay country sites:

  • eBay.com - USA
  • eBayMotors.com* - USA Motors
  • eBay.ca - Canada
  • eBay.com.au - Australia
  • eBay.co.uk - United Kingdom
  • eBay.fr - France
  • eBay.de - Germany
  • eBay.it - Italy
  • eBay.at - Austria
  • eBay.fr.be - Belgium-FR
  • eBay.nl.be - Belgium-NL
  • eBay.nl - Netherlands
  • eBay.es - Spain
  • eBay.ch - Switzerland
  • eBay.hk - Hong Kong
  • eBay.in - India
  • eBay.ie - Ireland
  • eBay.my - Malaysia
  • eBay.fr.ca - Canada-FR
  • eBay.ph - Philippines
  • eBay.pl - Poland
  • eBay.sg - Singapore

*Only Parts & Accessories listings and categories are available for eBayMotors.com

Linked Seller Accounts

Linking your seller account(s) to Terapeak will populate the MySales Dashboard with sales history for each linked eBay or Amazon seller account.  New sales data is imported in close to real-time for each linked account.

MySales can back-fill up to 90 days of recent eBay sales history.  Linking to eBay will also populate the dashboard with 30 days of recent traffic data* 

*Traffic data may not be available for listings with impressions data below eBay's minimum traffic requirement.

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