Chapter 2 - Linking your eBay Account to MySales

To activate the MySales Dashboard, click on the Seller Accounts option in the top left side of the Dashboard section.  Click on the eBay button under the "Link a Seller Account" heading.  

You will be redirected to an eBay log-in page. Ensure that your web browser does not block the window that opens.  If prompted, allow pop-ups for Terapeak or eBay.

Enter your eBay username and eBay password. This is a secure eBay authorization process: Your credentials will be verified by eBay and you will proceed to the next step. Your eBay login credentials are not shared with Terapeak.

On the next step, provide consent to the terms of use to authorize a link between Terapeak and eBay.  After this step, you will be redirected to Terapeak.

Once the link is established, Terapeak will start populating your dashboard with the most recent 90 days of sales history for your eBay seller account. This process may take anywhere from minutes to days depending on how much history is involved and how quickly the import runs. Sales activity will appear in close to real time after the initial import.

MySales will also import the most recent 30 days of traffic metrics for your active eBay listings and 90 days of revenue data.  If you have MySales Pro you will begin to accumulate more than 90 days throughout your time with Terapeak. Each day you will get an additional day of data until you hit our cap of two years, at which point MySales Pro users will have two years of data from the nominal date. 

Read the next chapter to learn how to link your Amazon account.

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