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Chapter 10 - Photography Guide Overview

Let's recap the main points of this guide:

Shoppers are visually oriented so make sure your product photography is appealing and functional and helps encourage click-through traffic and sales conversion.

Review the requirements for your platform to ensure your images meet the minimum resolution among other standards.

Stock photography is suitable for new condition products but listings for used items should provide unique photos which depict the good and the bad of your item’s condition.

You don’t have to invest in a lot of professional equipment. A camera phone will suffice in good lighting conditions. DSLR cameras offer greater control and capability in a wider range of lighting conditions.

Limit surface glare by disabling or lowering the intensity of the flash. Correcting color temperature is a hassle, so try to control the number of light sources in the photography setting or photograph outdoors on a cloudy day.

Use these tips to improve your process and start taking hassle-free, professional product photography.

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