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Chapter 7 - Use of Video in eBay Listings

eBay allows videos to be embedded in a listing so long as it meets certain guidelines.  

Video Format

The question of format is a complex issue.  eBay encourages sellers to embed Flash videos, so that shoppers are not required to download software and plugins during the shopping experience. Apple mobile devices do not support Adobe Flash therefore including such content may have adverse effect on the experience of a large portion of the mobile traffic using eBay.   Alternatively, HTML5 is supported by Apple mobile devices, however eBay restricts the use of iframes in listing content, and sellers should avoid using HTML5 embedding options which rely on iframes.

Intellectual Property

The seller must be the owner of the underlying rights, including intellectual property rights, or be authorized to distribute it by the owners of such rights.


The video must be hosted by one of these sites:

  • AuctionMercial
  • Auction Video
  • Bing
  • CarTHINK
  • CreativeVideosOnline
  • Dailymotion
  • eCommercePlayer
  • Google
  • i2iAuction
  • MySpace
  • SilverDock
  • Snapfish
  • Vzaar
  • YouTube
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