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Chapter 4 - Optimizing for Sales Conversion

The Product Research tab allows you to compare the sales performance of any combination of keywords.

Try running a search then replace one or more keywords and run the search again. Observe how the average sold price or sell-through rate increases or decreases as the title changes. In some cases, a single keyword can greatly affect the potential value or the likelihood of a sale.

The Product Research Overview includes a Keywords widget which compares the performance of frequently recurring keywords in the listing sample.

Switch to the Listings view to observe specific examples of sold listings and their titles.

How to run a Product Research report

  1. Log into Terapeak.
  2. Click on Research.
  3. Click on Product Research under the eBay Research heading.
  4. Enter keywords related to your product. Press the search button.
  5. Click on the Overview button
  6. Browse the results in the Keywords widget
  7. Click on the Listings view button
  8. Browse the titles of sold listings

What to look for:

  • Keywords linked to favorable pricing
  • Keywords linked to high likelihood of a sale
  • Commonly used keywords
  • Numerical identifiers
  • Naming systems, such as popular abbreviations

If your report didn’t find any results, try revising the search terms, adjust the search filters or date range and try the search again.

If your report found results but there no Keywords widget appeared, try shortening the date range. This improves the frequency of each keyword because the comparison is based on number of days in the search and the number of titles in the results.  It can also help if you add a category filter because titles from the same category tend to share more keywords in common.

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