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Chapter 1 - What is the Function of a Listing Title?

The primary function of a listing title is to attract shopper search traffic. The title also acts as a headline, emphasizing key product details and encouraging interest from shoppers.

This guide will walk you through the functions of a listing title and how you can apply keyword research to your listings to help attract more shoppers.

Where does Search Traffic Come From?
Amazon and eBay search engines connect keyword searches made by shoppers with relevant product listings.

The eBay search engine matches search terms against keywords found in listing titles, category names, item specific values and description text.

External search engines such as Google and Bing also rely matching keyword searches with text in the listing. External search engines contribute traffic to e-commerce marketplaces, though they tend to have different visibility into listings than marketplace search engines.

Amazon Titles
Titles are selected when a new product is created in the product listing catalog on Amazon. Merchants do not select a unique title each time an existing product is offered through Amazon.
It is recommended that merchants imitate the format and wording of manufacturer titles when creating a new product entry.

eBay Titles
Each eBay seller selects a unique title when he or she offers a product for sale (though products listed against the catalog may share a title across many listings.) Effective selection of keywords for the listing title is an important component of selling on eBay.

Functions of an eBay Listing Title
An effective eBay listing title should:

  • Accurately describe the product available in the listing. No keyword in the title should be misleading or designed to attract inappropriate traffic. (Use of inappropriate keywords can result in policy violations.)
  • Incorporate popular search terms in order to appear in search results.
  • Entice shoppers to click through to the listing from search results.

How Can Improving the Title Help your eBay Listing?
Sales are dependent on shopper traffic. Improving the title can increase the amount of traffic or improve the quality of traffic to an eBay listing page.

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