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What types of search filters are supported in eBay Product Research?

Click on the filter symbol next to the search bar to open the filter menu.

The following filters are available for Product Research:

Listing Type: Choose the listing formats that will be included in the results.  You can select more than one format.  If none of the boxes are checked, all of the formats will be accepted.

  • Auction
  • Fixed Price
  • Store
  • Live Auction
  • Second Chance
  • Multiple Item

Start Price: Choose a low value and a high value for start prices to fall within.

End Price: Choose a low value and a high value for end prices to fall within.

Time of Day: Specify the time of day in the results.  Only listings that ended during the selected hours will be accepted.

Seller ID: Specify the seller in the results.  Only listings that belong to that seller, which match the keywords and other search criteria will be accepted.

Buyer Country: Narrow the results to purchases made by buyers in the country of your choosing.

Seller Country: Narrow the results to purchases made from sellers in the country of your choosing.

Item Condition: Specify the item condition in the results.  If no condition is selected, then all conditions will be accepted.

  • New
  • Used
  • Refurbished
  • Not Specified

Listing Duration: Specify the duration in the results.  Listings with an actual duration that falls within that number of days will be accepted.

Transaction Site: Narrow the results to purchases made from specific eBay sites.

Boolean Command filters:

  • wildcard: keyword*
  • exclusion: keyword -keyword
  • exact match: "keyword keyword keyword"
  • either/or: (keyword, Keyword)  
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