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Chapter 12 - Using Terapeak to Research Pricing

One of the first things you can do as a seller to make sure you are pricing your items appropriately is conduct Product Research using Terapeak. Terapeak offers a whole suite of ways to analyze transaction data but the video below outlines how you can jump right into pricing your items so they sell. 

Watch the video below to discover how you can use Terapeak to research the pricing for your inventory: 

How to run a Product Research report:

  1. Log into Terapeak.
  2. Click on Research
  3. Click on Product Research under the eBay Research heading.
  4. Enter keywords related to your product.
  5. Press Search.
  6. Browse the results
  7. Exclude any unwanted listings with outlier keywords by using the -keyword command
  8. Run the search again checking the "listings view" to see if the results match your item completely.
  9. View the different prices for the items sold in the last 90 days.
  10. Price your item based on the data available. 
  11. Price lower if you need to move the product quickly, higher if you're able to wait for the right buyer. 

What to look for:

  1. Average Price (the average end price of sold results only)
  2. Highest Priced Results
  3. Individual End Price Results
  4. Price Buckets


If the price doesn’t look right (your item isn't that expensive or inexpensive), keep in mind that searching by keyword alone usually finds a wide range of price results including used condition items, products in other categories, and accessories which share keywords as the product in question.

Try adding a category filter and click on the filter menus to access options for limiting price or condition variation in the results. 

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