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Chapter 7 - Things to consider when pricing your item.

The following factors also influence pricing decisions:

  • Market Demand - Higher prices are possible when demand exceeds available product.
  • Competition - Higher prices are possible when few competitors offer the same product.
  • Cost of Doing Business - Low costs allow sellers to offer items at a more competitive price without sacrificing profit.
  • Item Condition - Visible defects and wear tend to lower the price of an item.
  • Item Age - The age of an item can affect its value.  Collectors may prefer items produced during a specific time frame due to the materials and manufacturing process used at the time.
  • Composition - Use of more durable or precious materials can affect value.  
  • Certification and Authentication - Certification or authentication improves value especially in the case of collectibles and autographs.
  • Rarity and Availability - Rarity tends to increase the value of an item.
  • Origin - Detailing the provenance of an item can help reinforce its value.
  • Identifying marks: Locating marks that identify the person who crafted an item can improve the value of silver, glass and other antiques.
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