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Shipping rates can either be separate from the asking price, or incorporated into the asking price as in the case of listings offering free shipping.

Paid Shipping

Most eBay listings with paid shipping options offer a shipping rate calculator built right into the listing, which allows shoppers to determine shipping rates through self-service.
As an alternative to the calculated shipping option, sellers can select a fixed rate for shipping which simplifies the experience for shoppers.

Free Shipping

When a seller offers free shipping, the shipping rate is included in the asking price. Listings with free shipping tend to have a higher asking price than similar listings offering paid shipping. Offering free shipping can improve eBay search ranking.

Although the word free is suggestive of a bargain, the cost to each shopper may be the same or higher than what would be offered through calculated shipping.

Free shipping represents greater convenience for shoppers and may mitigate bad buying experiences related to shipping rates to a degree.

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