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Chapter 4 - eBay Fixed Price Listings & Strategy

Fixed Price listings offer one or more items for immediate purchase at a fixed asking price.

Changes can be applied to the price including temporary sales promotions but otherwise the price remains static throughout the duration of the listing.
There is no difference between the start and end price in a fixed-price listing except in cases where a Best Offer promotion is in use.

Best Offer is an option which allows shoppers to submit an offer below the asking price for a fixed price listing. The offer is valid for a limited time. The seller does not have to accept any of the offers submitted.


Part of the appeal of the Fixed Price format is the simplicity and transparency of the price. Both buyers and sellers are equally aware of what an item will sell for if it sells.

The static nature of the price in a Fixed Price listing makes it easier for shoppers to compare pricing between competitors and other marketplaces.
Unlike Auctions, sellers cannot set a low start price on a fixed price listing and hope for a high end price.

Setting the asking price too high impacts traffic and conversion.
The success of a fixed price listing is dependent on close alignment with shopper expectations.

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