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Chapter 6 - Browse Hot Categories for Inspiration

Terapeak monitors eBay categories for patterns of steep increases in bid or purchase activity and compares against listing growth to find categories which represent the best niche opportunities.

When a category shows greater increase in demand than supply, it is shown on the Hot Categories report.

At any given time there are dozens, sometimes even hundreds of categories which show greater growth in demand than supply.

How to use the Hot Categories report:

  1. Log into Terapeak. 
  2. Click on Research
  3. Click on Hot Research.
  4. Click on the Hot Categories view (the window shaped icon)
  5. Sort the Sales Rank in reverse order to highlight the smallest categories first
  6. Browse results list for inspiration

What to look for:

  • Categories which suit your personal experience, interests, or existing branding and inventory
  • Super Hot Categories have the highest ratio of demand to supply
  • Categories with the lowest Sales Rank involve the least competition usually
  • Categories with low success rate aren't poor opportunities necessarily, but you will want to be selective about which products you source.


If the terms used in the Hot Categories report look unfamiliar, check the In-depth Hot Research section of our FAQ for definitions.

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