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Chapter 5 - Investigating a Niche

Get to know a new product niche in more detail before pursuing sourcing.

Investigate the sales performance for the main eBay category for the niche in question.
Have a clear understanding of what products are in demand before you source inventory.

How can I learn more about a niche?

  • Check for mention of the niche in news articles, blogs, Pinterest boards, Google trends and other social media content.
  • Who is the audience for this niche? Is the audience predominantly young or old, male or female?
  • What are the priorities of the audience in question? Do they have unique needs? Do they favor certain ingredients, materials or manufacturing processes?
  • Is there a discussion forum or organization for the audience in question?
  • What jargon (special terms and keywords used by the audience) should you know about? 
  • What is the audience having trouble finding online? 
  • What products have good reviews and what products aren't selling well?

Then, once you've done your research use Terapeak to see what's already been sold in this niche. Study your listing competition then think about what it is you can do better than the current listings available. 

  • Can I list at a cheaper price?
  • Can I offer free shipping?
  • Is my customer service better?
  • Will I have better product photos? 
  • Can I get a rare version of this item?
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