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Why is the Average Daily Sales figure represented as a range of values in Category Research?

Our data licensing agreement with eBay requires certain restrictions regarding the presentation of category sales activity. Terapeak is required to obscure the exact value of figures such as Average Daily Sales in a category.

In order to present category sales trends (which are sometimes converted to relative values) in a manner that has some context of scale, an Average Daily Sales figure is displayed. Without this figure it would be difficult to tell the difference between a category with thousands of dollars in weekly sales and a category with millions of dollars in weekly sales.

Terapeak is able to determine the average value of actual daily sales in a category. That figure is represented in a range of varying size depending on the scale of the category.

For example, if the average daily sales in a category is $25,000 USD, the Average Daily Sales figure will be embedded in a range of values that are $5,000 apart. A much smaller category will show a range separated by only a few hundred dollars and a much larger category will show a range of tens of thousands of dollars.

It is important to note that the range of values for the Average Daily Sales figure are not related to the high and low values in the trend chart.​

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