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Why is the Y axis sometimes displayed in percentages rather than dollar values?

Our data licensing agreement with eBay requires certain restrictions regarding the presentation of category sales activity. Terapeak is required to represent certain types of statistics related to category sales performance as percentages. This looks perfectly normal when analyzing Success Rate, but may be confusing when the trend chart is set to Total Sales or Total Sold Listings.

Here is how we convert the statistics to form the trend:

When we generate a sales trend chart for an eBay category we compare the actual sales figures to determine the data point with the highest value.
The highest value becomes 100%.
All other data points are compared against the value of the highest data point and converted into a percentage out of 100.

For example if the best week for sales in a category is worth $80,000 USD, that point would be represented as 100% on the trend. If the slowest week of sales is worth $40,000 USD, that point would become 50% on the sales trend. This forms a chart with the same trend line, without divulging sensitive marketplace statistics.

Tip: All charts which are converted to relative values will produce at least one data point with the 100% value.

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