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Why do I see a No Token Received error message when I launch the Terapeak application?

eBay Apps Center

This log-in error only affects memberships created through apps.ebay.com.

The log-in token for the Terapeak application requires cookies to be accepted by your web browser in order for the eBay Authentication and Authorization process to function properly.

Check the privacy settings in your web browser and ensure 3rd party cookies are enabled.  You may be able to resolve the issue just by adjusting your browser settings.

Click on the "Submit a Ticket" button at the bottom of the page to request assistance from the customer success team.  Please include your name, eBay ID and the email address for your eBay account if your situation matches either of the following scenarios:

A) You registered for the Terapeak application more than 18 months ago (in which case, the log-in token may have expired)
B) You changed your eBay ID or the details of your eBay account after registering for an application, (in which case your profile will fail to synchronize permanently). 

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