eBay has acquired Terapeak.

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The following questions and answers relate to eBay's recent acquisition of Terapeak.

Will my subscription, costs, or service change?

There are no immediate plans to change subscription prices, service levels, or Terapeak features that result from this pending acquisition.

We may continue to adapt prices, service levels, and features in response to the needs that sellers express to us and to general trends and forces in e-commerce, as has previously been the case.

Was this decision made by Terapeak or by eBay?

As separate companies with a long and productive history of cooperation, Terapeak and eBay came to this decision as data partners that share the common goal of helping sellers to thrive in the marketplace.

Both companies believe that in today's e-commerce environment, Terapeak is best positioned to serve sellers and their businesses if it becomes an eBay company whose tools are more closely integrated with eBay’s Seller Hub.

Why does this acquisition make sense for Terapeak?

As an independent software company, Terapeak has operated within the partnership under terms, conditions, and everyday practical constraints that would naturally apply to any third party. These have at times affected the capabilities we’ve been able to provide. As an eBay company Terapeak will be positioned to adapt more quickly, flexibly, and responsively to sellers' needs, to changes in e-commerce, and to the evolution of eBay's marketplace in particular.

In short, we believe that this acquisition will benefit sellers and lead to improvements in our service, where we will continue to fulfill our mission— providing tools that help sellers to discover and market the products that buyers want.

Will I need to log in on eBay.com? Will I need to learn new things?

As a Terapeak user, you'll continue to log in at Terapeak.com just as you always have, and you'll continue to use Terapeak in the same ways that you already do. When or as this changes in the future, we will provide detailed instructions to our customers.

This announcement represents an enlargement of what is possible for Terapeak, Terapeak users, and eBay sellers in the future—not a change in how users are able to access and use the service today.

Will I be able to access Terapeak on eBay.com or in the My eBay area?

If you currently use Terapeak by logging in at Terapeak.com, you'll continue to do so.

Note that Terapeak is already available in most sellers’ My eBay areas using the Terapeak app, available in the eBay Apps Center.

Direct login at Terapeak.com, however, remains the preferred method and best experience for accessing Terapeak and Terapeak tools.

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