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FAQ — eBay ID Changes for Certain MySales Users

You may have recently received a message indicating that the handling of eBay IDs in MySales is changing. If you received this message, please refer to the details provided below in answer to common questions.

Why did my eBay ID in MySales change?

Terapeak is changing the way in which MySales links to sellers' eBay accounts.

In some cases, MySales previously preserved your original eBay seller ID even if you changed your seller ID on eBay. Going forward, your eBay ID in MySales will always match your seller ID on the eBay marketplace.

When this change is occurs on your account, you will see your MySales eBay ID updated to reflect your current eBay seller ID.

Why was this change made?

In some cases, our previous linking method affected MySales' ability to access in a timely manner listings from sellers who had recently changed their eBay IDs.

This change will rectify the problem, and will enable all eBay sellers who use MySales to access listings without interruption after an eBay ID change.

Why are some of my listings still missing in MySales?

The planned change to MySales requires several phases of development work to complete.

During this work, which we expect to be completed shortly, sellers who have recently changed their eBay IDs may find that listings created using their previous eBay IDs are temporarily unavailable in MySales.

Once the change is complete, all listings will be available, whether created using a seller's current eBay ID or using their previous eBay ID.

Are MySales users who have not recently changed eBay IDs affected?

No. The changes in question will only impact users that have recently changed their eBay seller IDs. All other users will experience no changes in their MySales service.

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