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Terapeak's data architecture is an entirely cloud-based, big-data-scale architecture designed to comb through billions and billions of transactions quickly. For these reasons, some complexity is unavoidably involved.

Please refer to the following answers to common questions about Terapeak's data and data platform.

How often is data updated in Terapeak research tools?

eBay data in Terapeak's research tools is updated daily.

Because of inherent complexities in the data transmission and import process, data actually accessible to users generally runs approximately 3-5 days behind the present. That is to say that the data for a given Monday is likely to be available to sellers inside Terapeak by Thursday.

This delay can at times increase, depending on seasonal load. When unusual delays occur, a banner will appear at the top of the Terapeak application explaining the delay and current data availability.


How much data is available in Terapeak?

Data availability in Terapeak is as follows:

  • Product Research 2.0 — Up to three prior years of complete sales data across 22 eBay marketplaces are available.

For more information on Terapeak data types and availability, see "How much or what kinds of data does Terapeak offer?" elsewhere in the Help Center.  

Why do some categories or charts show less data than this?

In general, when the data shown for a particular search or analytics task is less than the amount of data specified above for the tool in question, it is because complete data is not available.

The two most common reasons for this unavailability are:

  • New categories. eBay regularly updates its category tree. In Category Research or when category filters are being used in Product Research 2.0, a category created less than three (or one) year(s) ago does not include data going back a full three (or one) year(s) in the past.

  • Newly-linked seller accounts. When you link a seller account to Terapeak, though data begins to appear immediately it can take several days for past data to appear. Note also that traffic data is only maintained from time of linking forward. For more information, please see "FAQ — MySales Dashboard" elsewhere in the Help Center.  

Are there some kinds of sales data that are not available in Terapeak?

Terapeak includes complete sales data for every supported marketplace except in the following types of categories:

  • Vehicle sales categories
  • Real estate categories

Note that sales data for vehicle parts and accessories, and sales data for home improvement, construction, and landscaping tools are not considered vehicle or real estate listings per se, and are included in Terapeak.

Why do I sometimes see "partial" results shown in Product Research 2.0?

When a search returns a very large number of results, Terapeak errs on the side of delivering results quickly, rather than comprehensively. This often saves significant time, turning a search that would take minutes into a search that takes only seconds.

Partial data can give you some idea of sales activity and potential, but should not be considered "complete" data. Note that partial data represents a truncated search (Terapeak stopped collecting new matches and returned the numbers that it had) rather than a sampled search.

In simpler terms, partial results are not a "guess" about what the real results of a complete search might be, but are rather just that—partial.

Partial searches generally result from very general searches for very popular products, i.e. "iPhone" or "Nike" or searches over very long periods of time.

To avoid partial searches, narrow the targeting of your search using one of these methods:

  • Narrow your search by category  
  • Narrow the date range for your search  
  • Filter your search by condition, price, location, or other factors  
  • Specify your search more precisely  

Note that the strategies above can also be used in combination to achieve optimal results.

Why am I unable to view some listings by clicking on them?

Terapeak results link to actual eBay listings.

When the eBay listing is removed or made unavailable by eBay, it can no longer be viewed by clicking on it.

In general, listings are available from 30-90 days in the past, depending on category, with very popular or high-value listings sometimes available for significantly longer than that.

Why do I not see images for some listings in my results?

Terapeak uses image thumbnails served by eBay.

When image thumbnails are removed or made unavailable by eBay, they no longer appear in search results.

In general, images are often available up to a year in the past, with availability less predictable after that. Images from very popular or high-value listings are more likely to be available after long periods of time than images from less popular or average-value listings.


How does Terapeak handle international currency calculations?

Terapeak users can set their own currency preferences for research tools in their settings area. As a result, currency conversions are necessary at times to display accurate metrics.

The following details about currency and currency conversion may help you to understand the implications and outcomes of currency conversion in Terapeak search results:

  • Terapeak receives data denoted U.S. dollars. When it arrives at Terapeak, all figures are represented in U.S. dollars. For sales not originally made in U.S. dollars, this means that a currency conversion has already been performed by eBay before the data arrives at Terapeak. We are unable to comment on eBay's currency conversion practices.

  • Terapeak converts currencies in real time. When you run a search or request Terapeak data, Terapeak converts currencies as necessary to show them as they are displayed.

  • Terapeak uses the prior day's closing exchange rates. When Terapeak currency conversion occurs, we use the prior day's closing rate as the conversion factor.

For these reasons, you may find variances between the sale amounts shown on eBay and the sale amounts shown in Terapeak, particularly if multiple conversion steps occurred. You may also see variances in the value(s) of the same sale(s) from day to day when conversion steps are involved, and the value shown at any one time reflects the previous day's closing exchange rate, not the current rate during trading hours.

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