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Unlike our Product Research 2.0 tool, your MySales dashboard is a reporting tool that includes and analyzes data for your own sales.

Below are answers to the most common questions that we receive about MySales.

Why is there no data shown on my MySales dashboard?

For MySales to report on and analyze your sales, you must give Terapeak permission to access your eBay sales data. We call this process "linking" your seller account to MySales.

Follow the steps in "Linking eBay Seller Account(s) to MySales" to link one or more of your seller accounts.  

How long does it take for my data to appear in MySales?

Once you have linked a channel, data will begin to appear immediately, starting with your most recent sales, and you can begin to use MySales right away.

Depending on the number of sales you've recently made, it may take from one to several days before every sale over the last 90 days is included in the data.

Can I view more that 90 days of data in MySales?

No. At this time, sales data prior to 90 days ago is not supported by MySales.

Can I unlink my account from MySales?

Yes. To unlink your seller account and prevent MySales from importing future sales data for you, follow these steps:


  1. Click "Dashboard" to visit your MySales dashboard.

  2. Click "Seller Accounts" at the upper-right to open the list of seller accounts that you've linked to MySales.

  3. Locate the seller account that you'd like to unlink from MySales.

  4. Click the "Unlink & Remove" option below the seller account in question.

  5. Enter your password to confirm that you'd like to unlink the seller account.

  6. Click "Remove" to complete the unlinking and removal process.

Why do I see a red notification over the "Seller Accounts" button?

To protect your security, eBay requires that you "reauthorize" the sharing of data with Terapeak on a periodic basis (the interval between reauthorizations is usually a year or longer).

To identify the account in question and renew your authorization, follow these steps:

  1. Click "Dashboard" to visit your MySales dashboard.

  2. Click "Seller Accounts" at the upper-right to open the list of seller accounts that you've linked to MySales.

  3. Locate the seller account showing a similar red notification; this is the account in need of authorization renewal.

  4. Click "Renew" to begin the reauthorization process and follow the steps outlined there.

Can I see sales or traffic data for just one product or category?

Yes. You can use the three drop-down lists near the top of your MySales dashboard to filter the data being analyzed by:

  • eBay seller account
  • eBay marketplace
  • eBay category


Note that you can use all three of these drop-down lists in combination; you can select a particular seller account and a particular marketplace and a particular category to show only sales by that eBay ID, on a particular marketplace, in a particular category.

You can also use the "Filters" tool at the top of the Active Inventory tab to identify and view metrics for particular active titles, eBay item IDs, and price ranges in your active inventory.

A drop-down above my dashboard is grayed out. Why?

A drop-down is grayed out when it is not possible to offer you options in the drop-down list before you first make a selection in another drop-down list.

This limitation affects the second (marketplace) third (categories) drop-down lists. To enable these filters, first select a filter in the drop-down list immediately to the left of the grayed out drop-down list.

For example, if the marketplaces drop-down list is grayed out for you, first select a seller account. Once you have selected a seller account, Terapeak can identify the marketplace(s) on which that account has made sales, and can then offer you a list of relevant marketplaces, etc.

What does the Sales Prediction metric mean?

The sales prediction metric shows the likelihood that a particular product, as titled and priced, will generate a sale on the eBay.com marketplace over the next 30 days.

For more information about Sales Predictions, see "FAQ — Sales Predictions and Competition Research" elsewhere in the Help Center.  

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