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Terapeak's SEO tool helps sellers to find keywords related to their product that are currently ranking well in search. To access SEO, click "SEO" in the navigation bar at the top of the Terapeak application.

Why are SEO keyword strings limited to 80 characters?

eBay listing titles are limited to 80 characters in length, and SEO experts agree that for Google search engine optimization 60 characters or fewer is optimal.

Since these are the two primary use cases for a tool like SEO, an 80-character limit provides enough space to satisfy SEO needs while also conveniently matching eBay requirements.

SEO says it samples listings. How does it select them?

SEO works by sampling the top-ranking listings for keywords that you have selected, then providing other keywords that are common to them.

Because SEO samples are based on keywords common to actual top search results, the recommendations that it provides are for keywords that have likely contributed to top search rankings.

I see some suggested keywords that don't make sense. Why?

Since SEO uses real-world listings to identify the best keywords for search ranking, it includes all of the terms that are actually helping real-world listings to succeed.

In some cases, this may mean keywords that don't make sense to sellers that aren't actually familiar with the product niche in question.

In particular, apparently nonsensical keywords that consist entirely of numbers or seemingly random letters often represent:

  • Sizes
  • Model numbers
  • Desirable production or manufacture codes
  • Other detailed identifying information

When in doubt, it is best to search for and view product(s) listed with a particular keyword on eBay or Google in order to understand its meaning before using it in your own listings or pages. By doing so, you will avoid the possible listing of your own inventory with keyword(s) that don't apply to it.selling

Suggested keyword labels don't match my language. Why?

The labels for suggested keywords ("Size," "Color," etc.) are based on eBay's keyword categories. For this reason, the keyword labels will match the language of the eBay site you have chosen—English for eBay.com, French for eBay.fr, and so on.

How can I get access to the global eBay sites in SEO?

How can I get access to Google keyword suggestions?

Can I get performance metrics for each suggested keyword?

Can I see sample listings that match my keyword string?

You must have a subscription SEO Pro in order to:

  • Optimize for global eBay sites
  • Receive Google keyword suggestions
  • See performance metrics for individual keywords
  • See sample top listings that match your keyword string

When you add an SEO Pro subscription to your account, you will gain access to all of the features outlined above.

Please see "How do I change or cancel my trial or subscription?" for details on how to access the subscription management area and modify your subscription.  

Can I copy and paste the keyword strings I build?

Yes. To copy a keyword string once you've built it, click on the copy to clipboard icon (second from the left below the title bar).


This will copy the title that you have currently built to your clipboard. You can then paste it into eBay listings, web pages, or any other place where the keyword string is to be used.

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