eBay has acquired Terapeak.

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On occasion, Terapeak may send email of several types to subscribers, or to those that have indicated that they wish to receive email from Terapeak. Depending on your activity and choices, these messages may include:

  • Email related to an active Terapeak subscription
  • Email providing information requested inside the Terapeak application
  • Updates about Terapeak products and features
  • Special offers related to the Terapeak service
  • The monthly Terapeak newsletter

To change your preferences about the kinds of Terapeak email you’d prefer to receive, please visit our email preferences tool and follow these steps:

  1. Enter the email address at which you receive Terapeak email.

  2. Check or uncheck boxes in accordance with your email preferences.

  3. Click "Save Preferences" to save your email preferences.

Note that there may be a short delay between the time at which you indicate your preferences and the time at which your updated preferences take effect.

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