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How do I get help, get training, or contact Terapeak?

New Terapeak users are often new both to Terapeak and to online sales. For this reason, we offer a variety of resources to help sellers to get started and make the most of Terapeak.

What training resources exist, and how do I access them?

We encourage new Terapeak users to consult all of the following resources for help:

  • Terapeak Help Center — This Help Center is always available at support.terapeak.com. It contains a variety of resources to help you use Terapeak. In particular, we recommend that users become familiar with our Getting Started and Step-by-Step Training articles.

  • YouTube Videos — We offer a number of YouTube videos to help users to learn about Terapeak in visual, interactive ways. Our YouTube channel is always available at www.youtube.com/terapeak.

  • Newsletter and Webinars — We host regular webinars to provide e-commerce training. These are announced in in our newsletter, where you’ll also find details to attend. To subscribe, visit www.terapeak.com, scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the “Stay Connected” section. Then, enter your email address and submit.

  • In-app Training — There are a number of training modules available within the Terapeak application. To access them, visit the area of the application with which you need help, then click the “How to” button for a list of related tutorials.

Use the "How to" link inside Terapeak for in-app training.

I still need help. Can I contact Terapeak directly?

Yes. At the bottom of each Help Center article (including this one), you’ll find a large blue link labeled “Submit a ticket” that you can use to contact our Customer Success team directly.

Our team tries to respond to questions within 24-48 hours, but response times vary with seasonal load. If you’re in need of immediate application help, please try the resources outlined above first.

If you’re in need of immediate account or billing help, try visiting our subscription management pr billing management areas before submitting a ticket to see if you are able to make needed account changes directly.

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