eBay has acquired Terapeak.

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The vast bulk of Terapeak’s online data is eBay transaction data, meaning that Terapeak is obviously useful to eBay sellers seeking to better understand and succeed on eBay marketplaces.

Because eBay is one of the worlds largest and most diverse marketplaces, however, and because Terapeak does offer some features that directly serve sellers on other marketplaces, many online sellers have found Terapeak data to be useful well beyond eBay sales.

What other marketplaces does Terapeak support, and in what way?

Terapeak’s research platform currently provides analytics exclusively for up to three years sales on 22 global eBay marketplaces.

Terapeak’s MySales platform enables sellers to analyze their own sales on eBay marketplaces as well as on several non-eBay marketplaces. MySales currently supports seller accounts on:

  • All eBay-branded marketplaces
  • Amazon.com
  • Shopify.com

Sellers that sell on multiple marketplaces or on any one of these marketplaces can use their MySales Dashboard to monitor and analyze all of their sales together using a single, powerful tool.

How does Terapeak’s eBay data help non-eBay sellers?

eBay is one of the world’s key e-commerce engines and represents a significant share of global online sales. eBay also has unusually international reach, serving buyers and sellers on every continent and in every major country.

As a result of this position, eBay is likely the e-commerce platform that is most representative of e-commerce as a whole. Many sellers that sell primarily on other e-commerce marketplaces therefore use Terapeak to research supply, demand, competition, sales, and trends online, even if they do not primarily sell on eBay marketplaces.

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