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How much or what kinds of data does Terapeak offer?

At any time well over $200 billion in live e-commerce transaction data is online for immediate access by Terapeak users to search, analyze, and employ.

What kinds of data can I see in Terapeak?

Amongst other things, in Terapeak you can find each of the following kinds of data for any product or niche:

  • Number of sellers
  • Number of items sold
  • Average sale price
  • Total revenue generated
  • Conditions of item(s) sold
  • Sell-through rate
  • Average shipping cost
  • Number of sales offering free shipping
  • Location of seller
  • Location of buyer
  • Sales trends over time
  • Top-performing search terms
  • Sell-through rates
  • Unsold inventory
  • Sales predictions
  • Actual eBay listing and format data

You can also see the following kinds of data that relate more generally to the market as a whole, or to your own sales:

  • Top selling product categories
  • Top selling products in any category
  • Top items sold by top sellers
  • Your own sales revenue
  • Your own unit sales
  • Your own search impressions
  • Your own search clicks

All of this data is readily available on an interactive basis to Terapeak users.

What kinds of data does each Terapeak tool provide?

Terapeak includes a number of tools that each deliver a particular kind of data, as outlined below:

  • Product Research tool — Provides and analyzes sales and unsold listing data based on keyword or product identifier searches. Offers key metrics, listings, sortable tables, and trend charts.

  • SEO tool — Provides top-performing related keyword data for any product(s) based on keyword searches. Offers keywords and key related metrics.

How much data is available?

In general, Terapeak data covers all of eBay, a total of 22 global marketplaces, over the following time periods or in the following ways:

  • Research tools — Prior 1 year

  • SEO — Sample of up to 100 top-ranking listings at time of search.

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