Terapeak is the world’s leading source for analyzing, understanding and predicting consumer and product behavior in e-commerce.

What does Terapeak do?

Terapeak analyzes more than $75 billion dollars in annual GMV—with well over $200 billion in analysis available at any time—to provide marketplace intelligence to online sellers.

Through unique partnerships and agreements, Terapeak has access to actual sales data from countless online purchases—including product names, listing methods, buyer and seller locations, sales totals, shipping costs, sold versus unsold inventory, and more.

Terapeak “crunches” this data for online sellers like you—and makes it available as a series of metrics, statistics, charts, and graphs.

Metrics shown on Terapeak's MySales Dashboard.

How is Terapeak used? What does a Terapeak subscription include?

E-commerce merchants like you use Terapeak’s online analytics platform to evaluate pricing, sourcing opportunities, market trends, and product behavior across regions and competitors.

Our data is made available to sellers through an online subscription service. Users log in and search through products and niches using keywords, UPC or other similar product codes, sales categories, and other identifying features.

Terapeak then instantly provides data about these products and niches, either at present or over any time period up to three years in the past.

Trends in unit sales over time shown in Terapeak's Product Research tool

The data provided can include:

  • Average sale prices overall or for items in new, refurbished, and/or used condition
  • Sell-through rates and total number of items sold
  • Average shipping costs and the percentage of sales that included free shipping
  • The number of active competitors (other sellers) of the product or in the niche
  • How much of the market competitors control
  • What other products competitors are profitably selling
  • Whether prices and sales volumes are trending upward or downward over time
  • Yearly and seasonal sales peaks and troughs
  • Best-ranking keywords for the product or niche in eBay and Google search
  • A seller’s own sales performance for a product or niche vs. the market overall
  • Sales predictions for a seller’s own inventory based on prior market results

Because it is an online, search-based application that runs in a web browser, Terapeak has been compared to Google—only instead of search results, sellers receive extensive sales data about the product(s) or niche(s) that they search for.

Keyword optimization using Terapeak's SEO tool.

How much does Terapeak cost?

Terapeak is available at a variety of price points. Current pricing for base packages under monthly and annual payment plans can be found via our shopping cart.

Once you have created an active Terapeak subscription, a variety of add-ons to enhance and customize your Terapeak service is also available.

All first-time users are able to use Terapeak on a trial basis, for free, for seven days. First-time users who cancel within seven days after creating a new subscription are not billed.

To see the add-ons available for your subscription, or to cancel a Terapeak trial or subscription, please visit the subscription management area in your account.

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