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FAQ — Other Product Research Questions

Why am I not offered the choice to filter my results by category?

When you opt to search for "All Sites" in Product Research 2.0, you are not offered the choice to filter your search results by category.


This limitation results from a limitation in eBay's category system; each eBay marketplace around the world has a different category list:

  • Many categories are not shared between eBay marketplaces
  • A category may exist in one eBay marketplace but not in another
  • A single category on one marketplace may represent multiple categories on another

For these reasons, it is difficult or impossible to sensibly enable category filtering across multiple eBay marketplaces, and the category selector is hidden for this reason when "All Sites" is selected.

Why are there two options for Product Research in Terapeak?

In late 2016 and early 2017, Terapeak replaced its longstanding Product Research tool with a new tool, Product Research 2.0, that is:

  • Up to 20 times faster
  • Able to reference three years, rather than one year, of eBay data
  • Able to search 22 global marketplaces, rather than eight global marketplaces
  • Cloud-based to reduce slowdowns during peak periods

Our original Product Research tool remains available in the Research menu because some users continue to prefer it. However, Terapeak makes no guarantees about the continued long-term availability of our original Product Research tool, and the original tool is no longer actively maintained.

All Terapeak users are encouraged to use Product Research 2.0 as a matter of course going forward.

How and why do results differ between Terapeak and eBay searches?

Terapeak results differ from eBay completed listings results in several important ways.

  • More complete data — Terapeak search results include listings with sales, listings without sales, and active listings. eBay completed listings results include only listings whose outcomes are already known.

  • Calculated metrics — Terapeak calculates a broad range of metrics for the results of any search, including average prices, shipping costs and terms, competition levels, sell-through rates, upward or downward trends, and more. eBay completed listings results include only listing-by-listing figures.

  • Longer time periods — Terapeak enables users to search time periods as long as one to three years in duration, and from the present to as long as one to three years in the past. eBay completed listings results include only listings that have recently ended.

  • Search specificity — Terapeak search results are intended to be highly specific to the searches that you construct; in general, a listing or sale must exactly match your search keywords and parameters to be included in results. eBay search results often include other "related" results, particularly if the search that you enter matches few or zero listings or sales.

For these reasons, Terapeak Product Research 2.0 results are better suited to the needs of sellers doing marketplace research for the purposes of selling on eBay, building inventories, increasing sales volume, and identifying new marketing and sales strategies.

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